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I'm a student at Duke University who has grand aspirations of changing the world. I am studying Computer Science, but I also have a strong interest in all things design. I am an aspiring entrepreneur that is doing my best to learn all that there is to learn in the world.


Programming Languages: In order of Comfortability
Technical Knowledge Areas

My digital resume is below for your viewing pleasure.


American Family Blumberg

Writing a survival game from scratch using JavaFX

Fall 2016

In my free time I have been working on a little game using JavaFX. It isn't much, but it is certainly mine and I like it. The name is inspired from "Swiss Family Robinson", and is a survival game heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress set on Mars.

Technologies Used: JavaFX

Deep Dive on NYC Taxi Dataset

Rumaged around a huge dataset

Fall 2016

For my Data-Intensive Computing Systems class, I have been working on a fascinating project involving the NYC Taxi Dataset. I have worked with a partner to explore the data as much as possible and provide interesting visualizations for the data. In order to do this, my partner and I made use of a wide array of technologies including (but not limited to) the below list.

Technologies Used: AWS EC2, Spark, Microsoft SQL Server Matlab, LaTeX/p>

Founded JuneWay LLC

Web / Native iOS+Android Apps

September, 2016

I founded a contracting company that builds custom web and native iOS / Android apps. More to come, so check back soon!

Intern at Lyft

Automation / Infrastructure Team

Summer, 2016

During the summer of 2016, I worked at Lyft HQ in San Francisco, CA. I was a member of the Automation team which owned CI / CD and related infrastructure at Lyft. I worked on an internal tool to help debug common errors and trace a bug to the original code author.

HackerTyper Clone

Created a Clone of the Popular HackerTyper Website

October 2015

I spent a weekend creating a clone of this fun little website. The premise is that you type whatever you like and code is streamed to the screen at an alarming rate. It is supposed to personify all the terrible misconceptions that Hollywood has given people for what hacking actually looks like. Original uses same code every time, while my version randomly generates the code based on code grammars that I wrote.

Went to China

Studying 中文 (Chinese)

Summer 2015

Taking the summer to sharpen my Chinese skills at the at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (北京). I am enrolled in Duke's Study In China Program (DSIC), which will count as my 2nd year of Chinese language study.

Duke Directory Web Scraping

Created Omnibus list of Duke Faculty

May 2015

I was contracted by a friend of mine to create a single list of every Duke faculty member, regardless of department, because surprisingly enough, this did not exist already in an easily accessible way. I used BeautifulSoup4 in Python to scrape the data, and stored it in a csv file.

Founded RedCranePrints

Started a Fine Art Printing Company

January 2015

I founded a printing company with the intent to provide new artists with a way to easily break into the realm of selling their art. No need to handle manufacturing or distribution only create beautiful things. More to come.

Using IBM Watson to Discern How My Personality Evolved

I analyzed my journal entries using IBM Watson to detect how I evolved

December 2014

I recently found a demo of IBM Watson's User Modeling and decided to see if I could harness this tech demo to analyze my own personality. I have kept a digital journal since 2011, so I had a large amount of data available to analyze, so I extracted the text of journal entries by year and submitted them to the analytical eye of Watson. I wrote a pretty detailed blog post about my process and results. Most interestingly, I found that as I developed into an adult, I didn't develop new characteristics really. But rather, I pruned out certain characteristics and marginally advanced others. So my strongest traits became stronger and I completely deleted certain other traits out of my personality all together. Overall this was one of the most informative technical investigations I have ever done because it taught me a lot about myself.


Generate quizzes from Wikipedia Articles

Winter 2014

WikiQuiz was my entry into HackDuke's 2014 Education category. WikiQuiz is the embodiment of a very long running project of mine to figure out how to extract the most salient objective facts from a corpus of text. In this case I do so by a combination of a number of methods chief of which is some basic NLP feature extraction using nltk. I believe that if the process of extracting the important and objective thoughts from a body of text is one of greatest challenges that technology is facing today. I began development at HackDuke and have since been making modifications to better the question generation.


An app that quietly teaches you.

July 2014 - Present

LearnThings is a studying app built for procrastinators. Instead of cramming for a single continuous chunk of time before an exam, one could use LearnThings to space that studying time out over several weeks. LearnThings uses notifications to passively ask you questions, which you can directly interact with, or tap through to grade yourself. LearnThings is at most two taps per interaction, so the experience is left light. You can tell LearnThings when you are available so that you will only get asked questions within that time frame.


Create and Share reaction gifs easily.

Summer 2014

Camoji is a content creation tool that allows you to record gifs and easily send or share them with friends. Camoji relies heavily upon gestures for app navigation. Swiping in each cardinal direction performs an action (Share, Delete, Back to Camera, Send). I specifically worked on the web-server.

Intern at Leo / Camoji

I was an Android Engineer and Server Engineer and iOS Engineer

Spring 2014 - Fall 2014

I began working as a part-time Android contract programmer during school, and came on board full time for the summer. During this summer I decided to become an entrepreneur.


Generate random sentences in the style of Fratboys

Spring 2014

Fratspeak is a project that I threw together with a couple friends over a weekend that uses some boring technology to generate sentences "in the style" of fratstars. For the most part, these sentences entirely lack any inkling of orthology or general sentence syntax.


Android App to stimulate better conversations with strangers

Winter 2013

I wrote this app because I abhor small talk. I hate to waste time with conversation topics in which I have very little chance of gleaning any information of worth from because they lack the complexity to imbue it. BetterConfab is meant to be a tool with which you can unlock more interesting conversation with people you don't know...yet.